After crossing crowds of people, busy streets filled with cars, noisy alleys and all street of the city filled with trees you enter an street. Th one of all the other streets in this colorful city. You will come to find an empty place with people that hold different obsessions that think differently. At the end of the street, near the tree, there is a garden greener than God’s dream where love is greater than the virtue of honesty. 

We call it home. Those who have come to this house claim that it is a warm and energetic place. You will take your shoes off just like you would at your own home where is familiar and comfortable. It is where our body and mind crave to be in peace. home is where we invite our parents and grandparents. We welcome them proudly and listen to their stories with all our focus. home is where our child lives, learns, discovers and enjoys peacefully. We don't work at home. We live at home.  We don't feel the passing of time. At home, everything is honest and simple. Everything is safe and clear! Everyone is familiar to us.  This home is ours. We don't work here. We live
wholeheartedly; we invite you to live at this home with us too
children younger than one year of age can communicate with five senses and their abilities and talents are dependent on these senses. Therefore, in the "Mother & Child" workshops, educators reinforce the five senses of the children by doing activities and playing. The child gains different experiences and different opportunities so that she can grow holistically. In addition, the mother's creativity and abilities will increase accordingly to have a purposeful and effective interaction with her child.
The massage program will be taught in the "Mother & Child" workshops by coaches due to the importance of skin contact and it is an enjoyable program for the child which will strengthen muscles and transmit peaceful emotions of mother to the child.
Considering that mothers have limited physical activities during pregnancy and most of them cant do anything but caring for the baby, Different programs such as outdoor camps, swimming, sport classes and etc is done in Solaleh. In these programs mothers and their youngsters accompany each other in having physical activities which helps in reducing postpartum depression.
Instructional programs which are specified  for both parents are performed with due to mother's needs in the first years of her child  in order to increase mother's knowledge on their child's growth status, nutrition and health and psychological issues related to the family.
The arrival of the little one into the family influences all aspects of couples and their marriage will face new challenges. For this purpose, there will be courses held for parents to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to pass successfully through this stage of their life.
And finally, the mothers who come to Solaleh with their child or children will be able to have a six-year outlook of their child by following a purposeful and integrated path with experts help.

Birth up to the 1st year

1 up to 2 years old

2 up to 3.5 years old

3.5 up to 5 years old


5 up to 6.5 years old